2019 ESPN College GameDay Signs – Fort Worth






It’s no secret that year after year College Gameday’s opener is usually very boring because it’s in Atlanta and the fans don’t bring signs and it’s SEC fans yawning over the destruction they’re about to put on some poor Pac-12 school. So ESPN packed up and took the show to Fort Worth to see the most vanilla fans in big time college football — Oregon fans. You know what you’ll never see out of an Oregon fan? A good GameDay sign. It’s not like Auburn was any better today.

But Fort Worth was the best option available for GameDay and they really love Sundance Square because of how it plays on TV. I stayed just off Sundance Square when Oregon played Ohio State in the national title game and Oregon fans brought zero energy. You could walk into the bars and they were loaded with Ohio State fans.

Anyway, today was another boring GameDay in a long list of recent boring GameDays. I hate to say it, but it doesn’t look like we’ll ever see anything like the glory days when GameDay would go into LSU and the students would have some of the most insane signs I’d ever seen. Do yourself a favor and go to Baton Rouge when Alabama is in town and GameDay is there. You won’t find a better scene.

As for Fort Worth, I’m done seeing it get GameDay stops. Enough already.




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