Trevor Lawrence & Girlfriend Marissa Mowry Had A Nice Summer

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence had his first summer off college as a national champion quarterback with girlfriend Marissa Mowry, a college soccer player at Anderson University, and it looked like a very relaxed, hang at the beach & laugh at the ACC schedule he’s about to face type of summer for these two.

Things are so relaxed that in one of Marissa’s IGs, she goes as far as saying, “Hey @tlawrence16 let’s do this life together forever. I love you. So thankful for moments of peace with you & creating memories that last forever(.)” Clearly Marissa knows things are great and going to get a whole lot better thanks to upcoming Heisman runs, the eventual NFL Draft, but none of that comes before opening as a 36.5 to 37 point favorite against Georgia Tech! It’s not like Clemson’s opening with Kent State.

Besides Texas A&M coming to Death Valley in Week 2, this shapes up to be one big nap before Clemson’s real season starts in the Final Four. A roadie at Syracuse? Maybe a game for the first 12 minutes. Vegas tells us Bama and Clemson are pretty much the only teams who have a chance to win the national championship. The only thing you can root for now is chaos.

Which leads me back to this relaxed summer where Trevor had plenty of time to work on the hair, the tan, the sculpting. Marissa was out here working on the content, making sure the IG is primed for a big year. Everything is looking just perfect right now for these two.

Looks like these two love the beach…this is 2018…they’re going to love Cincinnati here in a couple years:

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S a t u r d a y w/ you <3

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