Tate Martell Sets A Wide Receiver Thirst Trap, Girlfriend Kiki Passo Can’t Resist

It appears former quarterback Tate Martell has embraced his transition to a Miami Hurricanes wide receiver and even went as far Tuesday to set a thirst trap for all the content guys out there who are looking for any little tidbit they can get on the guy’s emotions after switching positions. Tate wrote on IG for all the thirsty content bros: “hard times bring great moments..”

I’m telling you what, it’s one of Tate’s greatest moments because this should now set him free to shine and it helps that girlfriend Kiki Passo was in the comments showing full support. “damnnnnnn you be looking like a 5 course meal 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤤,” Kiki posted. The new Hurricanes wide receiver responded with “@kikipasso i love you!”

This is absolutely a best-case scenario for Tate. He leaves behind all the negativity that came with worrying about the quarterback position. I said Saturday night while watching the U-Florida game that Tate’s going to play himself into the NFL and watch Belichick turn him into Tom Brady’s final slot receiver.

Love to see it. The last thing I wanted this season was Tate Martell & Kiki on the sidelines not able to get into the action.

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hard times bring great moments..

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