Kate Upton Thinks Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Over Because There Weren’t Enough Big Girls On The Runway

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I received a DM last night from a longtime BC ally who alerted me to the news Kate Upton was going to be on Watch What Happens L!ve with Andy Cohen and 50 Cent. I didn’t expect much out of Kate because it’s Kate Upton and her days have been over since she started dating Verlander and her Cloud was leaked and the Internet went nuts. That was the apex.

Now 27, married and one kid bouncing around, it’s time — as I predicted for many years — for Upton to get back in the game and that means making a headline here and there like last night when she took a shot at Victoria’s Secret for not including different body types in the annual fashion show.

From Yahoo!:

A caller asked Kate Upton, “What was your reaction to the rumors that Victoria’s Secret may not have a fashion show this year.” A couple of weeks ago, model Shanina Shaik revealed that the annual show is not happening.

“We’re sick of seeing the same body types, you have to be body inclusive now,” said Upton, who briefly modeled for Victoria’s Secret, “Every woman needs to be represented or else it’s just a snoozefest.”

Kate Upton is all about inclusion. She recently launched #sharestong to encourage women to support one another on social media. She even published unretouched photos in Health Magazine just one month after giving birth.


You could’ve given me 100 guesses and I wouldn’t have predicted Kate Upton would be leading a human rights campaign against Victoria’s Secret. Do you really have to be body inclusive or is the modern man and woman numb to Victoria’s Secret these days due to Instagram putting on a show 24 hours a day? I’ll go with the latter.

Don’t believe me? Then maybe you’ll believe Marketwatch and actual numbers.

Victoria’s Secret’s market share has sunk to 24% in 2018 from 31.7% in 2013, according to the latest U.S. women’s underwear report from Coresight Research, with digitally native brands gaining appeal among shoppers, particularly young women.

Digitally native brands gaining appeal…and where do you think young women are hearing and seeing these brands? That’s right, social media.

That’s the reason Victoria’s Secret isn’t having a fashion show. It’s not because Molly in Paducah, Kentucky wants to see a woman 40 lbs overweight in lingerie walking down a runway. Women have more choices for buying bras than they did in the 1990s and 2000s when Julie in Lansing had to go to the mall & drop several bills on bras.

The one thing Kate’s right about is that the Fashion Show is a snoozefest, but her reasoning is way off. WE’RE NUMB TO THE FASHION SHOW. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT? The show ran its course and now it’s time to move away from it. ESPN had to pivot away from Body Shaping and Flex Appeal back in the day. This is the evolution of TV. Those shows weren’t canceled because there was some great uprising and women marched in the street because they wanted to see fat people working out. People watch these shows because it’s a fantasy, it’s the chance to dream about a life you’re not living or will never live. I feel like I have a PhD in this stuff.

Anyway, Kate Upton is back doing media.



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