Meet Liron Zituni – The Next Great Instagram Model?

Liron Zituni has all the intangibles to be the Next Great Instagram Model, according to my research assistants who tell me that Liron is in the Israeli military (as of 23 weeks ago on IG Story) which will now lead to all sorts of American men going nuts because she knows how to hold a gun and wears a uniform.

I seem to remember the Chive doing a ‘Hottest Israeli Military Women’ post like once a month back in the day. Those things were click hogs, just raking in the clicks. Then you didn’t hear much from the Chive and the IDF posts seem to fall off the Internet cliff once Instagram came around.

Folks, Liron is about to make the IDF Girls posts Great Again. I can just tell. As for what else she’s famous for, I can’t really figure it out. Just over the 100k mark, it doesn’t seem like she’s gained much of a following in the U.S. I can usually gage this sort of thing by if Mike Napoli is following the Instagram model. If Mike’s in, that model has made it. Liron is pretty much a couple weeks to a month from getting on Mike’s radar. I promise.

via Instagram Story


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