Meet Melshelgolf – Instagram Golf Influencer

A BC reader DM’d me today and said, ‘Too old?’ and included a link to Melshelgolf’s Instagram’s account. I about kicked his ass through my laptop for such a statement. Are you kidding me right now? No way Melissa’s too old to be posted on BC as a golf influencer.

That’s might be one of the most insulting things I’ve heard in a long time considering the fact that BC readers are down with all ages of golf influencers and those of us in the know, know that the more ‘experienced’ golf influencers are the ones who’ll drink all night long, well after the 19th hole.

That brings me to Melissa’s IG bio: she hashtagged golf and country music. Did I mention that Melissa posts the ridiculous DMs you guys send to her. Add it all up and you have a perfect scramble partner. You’re going to get one great tee shot from the women’s tees, she’s probably going to 56-degree a ball to the pin & one of you guys is putting in for birdie. That’s how teams go -18 in these events.

I’m actually surprised Melissa hasn’t broken onto the celebrity golf circuit where former athletes and celebrity teams need a fourth who brings the fun. Chris Berman’s team is taking Melissa first, no doubt.

Of course I’m going to post Melissa when she posts receipts like these!

via melshelgolf/IG via melshelgolf/IG via melshelgolf/IG
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