Elizabeth Hurley Destroys A Pool, Cam Dresses Up For Walmart Run & Boogie In Rec League


Go nuts, guys. It’s WNBA doubleheader night. Hard pass on that. ESPN has Cubs-Cardinals, but the real action is today at 12:35 when the Pirates and Reds get it on. Let’s see what happens in this PPV. Some of you will be able to see it on Fox Sports Ohio or that cable channel out of Pittsburgh. Then it’s Pan Am Games night on ESPNU. Get pumped.

Elizabeth Hurley, 54, hits the pool

Cam Newton goes to Walmart dressed like this

2018 College Football Stadium Attendance Fill Rates…no shock at #1

Watch Boogie Cousins destroy fools in rec league pickup game

Kliff Kingsbury’s triggered — in a fun way — by what he looks like on Madden

Licensed gun owners can carry at Oklahoma City Kings of Leon show

Cops: This Florida Man smashed Wendy’s window because they stopped selling Cinnabons 

Here’s Courtney from ASU

Muscled Up & Got All Of That One Top Golf Drive of the Day


Burrito of the Day


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