Should I Be Impressed Le’Veon Bell Is In Shape After Signing $52.5 Million Contract?

via Instagram

The last time I really cared about Le’Veon Bell was way back in September 2018 when the running back was partying on a yacht off Miami while the Pittsburgh Steelers were melting down internally with pretty much everyone arguing two weeks into the season. Le’Veon was lounging with some IG models, enjoying a red cup drink and not getting worn down by the Steelers offense.

Pretty sure at the time I mentioned that it looked like Bell was fully into an IDGAF mode and it turned out that he didn’t come back. There were rumors he’d gotten out of shape and had a bunch of rust on his body. There were the ‘He’s not in shape’ comments. And we all know what happens when a professional athlete feels disrespected by an IG user going by Ricardo094581669.

He goes out and hires a professional film and editing crew to create a video for him showing he’s working out and in shape. Look, there’s nothing special here. Of course the guy should be in shape after signing a 4-year, $52.5 million contract. I’ll be impressed if he lasts 16 games and touches the ball 400 times.

Le’Veon appears to be as shook as any NFL guy out there these days. You don’t make videos like this if you’re not shook by what the keyboard warriors are saying about you.

The guy just had like 17 months off from football and plenty of yachty time. Time to touch the ball 400 times like in 2017. No pressure.

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