Let’s Check In With White Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa didn’t go into the Baseball Hall of Fame over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that Slammin’ had a quiet weekend. Polling at just 8.5% of the vote this year, Sam can forget about ever getting into the Hall with his 609 home runs. And it seems he’s moved on. Moved on to magazine shoots as a white guy in the Dominican Republic. It really is one of the biggest shockers in the DR since all these people started dying at resorts.

It appears the Sosa family recently did some work with photographer Robert Vasquez who wrote a big caption in Spanish. Luckily I know a place to translate from Spanish to English and here’s the caption:

The cover of @ritmosocialrd’s parents is marked by example and discipline with a person for whom his achievements within the baseball field made him the quintessential ambassador of our land. Although what he achieved was, as a father, husband and mentor, they probably represent the most important home run: # SammySosa

I have to say, as a white Sammy Sosa expert, Slammin’ is looking about as white as I’ve ever seen him. There was the 2018 Halloween party where he was white, but not this white. He’s apparently entered the suburban white dad stage, looking like he’s about to play 27, slap a couple asses at the 19th hole & get home in time to catch the 11 p.m. nightly news.

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La portada de padres de @ritmosocialrd está marcada por el ejemplo y la disciplina con una persona para quien sus logros dentro del campo de béisbol le convirtieron en embajador por excelencia de nuestra tierra. Aunque lo que alcanzado fuera, como padre, esposo y mentor representan para él, probablemente, el más importante jonrón: #SammySosa . . . Fotos: @robertvasquez audiovisual: @pepefilms05 maquillaje: @michelleflaz peinado: @danielvargashair entrevista: @dejesusinfante16 estilismo: @giovagiova Agradecimientos @mariepatriciahernandez @rosannarive @natalianachon_ . . . #Portada #Padres #RitmoSocial #RD #editorial #fashioneditorial #chicago #covermagazine #womenempowerment #portrait #photojournalism #entretenimiento #espn #espndeportes #makeportraits #majorleague #grandesligas #avengetheskies #gramkilla #baseballtonight #visualcoop #naturallight #chasinglight #humanedge #filmpalette #cubs #naturallight #mlb #robertvasquez

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An oldie, but a goodie:

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#SammySosa you good bro…?

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