Tennessee Man Arrested For Having Sex With German Shepherd

via Hardin County Sheriff’s office

There’s a whole bunch of praying going on over on Facebook where news of Montgomery “Pee Wee” Hays, 18, of Hardin County Tennessee being arrested for having sex with a German Shepherd is spreading like wildfire amongst the locals. Pee Wee told investigators his meds aren’t strong enough to stop him from such acts.

Uh, I didn’t know there was medication to stop people from getting the urge to bang a German Shepherd, but then again I’m not some sort of medical expert. I guess there’s a pill for everything these days. Let’s get to the details of this case.

From the Tennessee River Valley News:

A Hardin County resident called the sheriff’s on July 10th and told them she saw a man having sex with her German Shepherd.

The complaint said that the man identified as Montgomery “Pee Wee” Hays, 18, had his “pants around his knees having sexual relations with their dog.”

Hays was photographed by investigators and reportedly had a “large amount of dog hair on his face and clothing.”

Court documents say that Hays told investigators that he was having sex with the dog. Hays has been charged with one count of Beastiality.

He was booked into the Hardin County Justice Center and later released on bond.

This is a good time to bust out the handy U.S. bestiality law chart that I have to bust out like every 2-3 months around here because some wacko is out banging dogs. It’s also a good time to remember that bestiality is for some reason still legal in some states…I’m looking at you West Virginia.

One search for Montgomery Hays on Facebook shows that something is definitely off about this guy. Multiple accounts, banging a dog, face covered in fur. Again, I’m not an expert, but it might be time for the state to step in here and decide the guy needs to be sent away before a human gets violated by this wacko.

It’s not like Pee Wee is the first wacko out there doing this stuff. Remember 2018 when the Dolphins fan was banging a miniature horse, but wearing a condom? There’s always a woman out there getting it on with a dog. Pee Wee just joins a long list.

Look at this caption:


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Florida Man Cut’s Off Penis Of Man Who Was Banging His Wife