Love Island Contestant Christen Has A Wild History

Love Island’s new contestant Christen McAllister, who had her competitors shook on last night’s episode (I caught like five minutes before Mrs. BC wanted to play video games and I wanted to watch an Apollo documentary), just happens to have a history here on BC and it’s even sports related. A BC reader alerted me that Christen was the one who allegedly set her roommate’s bed on fire and also made news for shooting her shot at Scary Terry Rozier.

Since her last BC appearance the former Miss Kentucky finalist and Louisville graduate has moved to Los Angeles and seems to have cranked up her Instagram work. There’s some work with Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite brand. She’s applied for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Changed her look from the college years and now she’s making her network debut with the Love Island show on CBS.

I have no idea how this Love Island show works. I assume they throw 8 Instagram guys and 8 Instagram models into a fake house and record everything. They lay by the pool all day talking about hooking up, what’s for dinner and who’s leading the N.L. Central.

I also assume one of the ladies has been coached to create huge piles of drama that leaves her the villain. Then she ends up making out with her rival’s guy and all hell brakes loose. Plus, a roommate’s bed could go up in flames at any minute. “She may have been under the influence of alcohol, according to the arrest citation,” it was reported back in 2017 when the bed burned. Let’s hope CBS adds alcohol to Love Island.

Now I have to watch.

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