Marshall Volleyball Alum Kayla Simmons Announces Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Candidacy

By now you guys know that I’m full Team Kayla Simmons, who played college volleyball at Marshall and then went pro at Instagram, and the way she goes about her business on Instagram. She was professional about IG during college. She’s been professional since leaving college and now comes word that she was asked by Marshall administrators back in the day to delete her Instagram because photos she posted were “inappropriate.”

Now here’s Kayla firmly telling the world that she’s not only confident enough to join Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite team, but she’s also confident enough to announce her candidacy for the 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Even if she doesn’t mean for it to be, it’s a giant eff-you to Marshall administrators who would have the audacity to advise her to delete her IG. I’ve said for years on here that college athletes should go balls to the walls promoting themselves while they can. Then leave with an honorary social media degree and then see what comes from there.

Kayla wrote on Instagram:

Being a former college athlete & growing up around sports has taught me to push myself to the limit. So here I am, chasing my @si_swimsuit dream! 😬

College athletics was a great experience for me, but it also taught me some valuable lessons. I was told by my school administrators that the pictures I post are inappropriate because of my body, I was even asked to delete my Instagram at one point. I was torn bc I felt I couldn’t embrace my body & play the sport I love. I’ve since learned that you can’t let other people affect how you feel about yourself. I am who I am, & it’s okay to be confident!

It’s my dream to be a part of the SI family. The women on the pages EMPOWER other women. We need more of that!!! @si_swimsuit @mj_day& the rest of the team, thank you for this opportunity! ❤️ Everyone please help me out & tag @si_swimsuit in the comments!! #siswimsearch

Good for Kayla. It’s absolutely OK to feel good about your body no matter what some West Virginia ISIS administrator thinks. Do you, girl.

Marshall Volleyball Alum Kayla Simmons Joins Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Team
Marshall Volleyball Alum Kayla Simmons Joins Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Team