Hoodie & Linda Are Enjoying Greece

It never fails when Linda Holliday, Bill Belichick’s girlfriend, posts vacation photos on Instagram I find myself wondering how Bill handles it when Linda wants him to take photos of her on the beach or at some famous landmark. I wonder if she makes Bill take more than one shot. I wonder if she checks Bill’s work to see if he had the correct shot. If the lighting was right. Or is Linda just the perfect girlfriend and just goes with whatever Hoodie captures behind the iPhone?

Some people just look at the photos and move on. This stuff has me going nuts most of the time, especially because it’s Hoodie we’re dealing with and I picture him not having the patience for multiple shots. I could see him having a one-and-done understood agreement with Linda.

Or just maybe he’s an absolutely fun guy to vacation with and just goes with the flow. I think this is one of the great mysteries that I’d love to have someone investigate. The guy’s always smiling on these trips and I have this vision in my head that he dances to the classic rock at the hotel bar late at night. Grab’s Linda’s hand, jerks her out to the dance floor & they sway away under a full moon. Maybe rock back & forth to a GnR cover band belt out an acoustic Sweet Child O’ Mine at the Marriott. Maybe some ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man blaring in the suite before dinner.

Linda handles all the travel details. She knows the places he’ll enjoy, but then once they get there he’s the goofball. Always has a one liner. Throws in dad jokes that make Linda giggle.

Soon he’ll be back to Full Hoodie for 6.5 months where he’s not smiling and somehow goes into a mode where the Boston media’s not going to get him to break Football Coach character. Enjoy these Greek vacation smiles while you can. Summer is almost over.

Just a happy couple out there enjoying summer around the world:

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