Arkansas Fans Are Pounding Jell-O Shots At College World Series

via Twitter

At last count Arkansas fans have pounded 661 Jell-O shots at Rocco’s Pizza & Cantina in Omaha for a solid total of $2,644 spent since Razorbacks fans rolled into town for the College World Series. As you can see from the updated sales totals, Razorback fans aren’t even getting a contest from the other fans, especially from SEC schools who don’t seem to think It Just Matters More when it comes to leaving Omaha with the Jell-o shot world championship belt.

The bad news for Arkansas fans is that the Hogs are in the losers bracket today against Texas Tech after losing 1-0 to Florida State on Saturday. The good news for Arkansas and Rocco’s is that a win today and the Hogs fans will be ripping shots tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday night. That’s why today’s game is so important in the grand scheme of Jell-O shot sales in Omaha.

The big shocker here is that Louisville fans are so far behind. I thought Louisville fans would be the type of fan who would roll into town and go right for the Jell-O. I’ve seen a Louisville fan drink trash bag shots. Omaha Jell-O just might be too exotic for the Cardinals fans.

As for the rest of the fans, not sure what’s going on here. Texas Tech is acting like they don’t even drink which I know is a lie.

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