Sammy Draper Plays Mega Beer Pong For All The Divorce Dads Scrolling For Father’s Day IG Content

I have really great news to report here on Father’s Day — the Instagram models didn’t get all sappy with the content today where they go ‘thank you to the best daddy in the world for always being there for me’ while indirectly thanking their dads for paying off the American Express on a monthly basis. I scrolled for at least 25 minutes before coming to Sammy Draper’s Father’s Day content and saw maybe 1-2 daddy girl thank yous and that was it. It was beyond refreshing and just might indicate that the IG models are beginning a new era where they don’t have to fake it on Father’s Day.

And then along comes Sammy Draper who once again just gets what social media is all about. She understood how content worked during the NFL season. Then she understood what you guys want for Christmas. I’m sure there was a St. Patrick’s Day content dump. Etc. Etc. Etc. Then along comes Father’s Day and Draper goes patio Mega Beer Pong and it’s just the perfect content for all the divorced (and maybe some married) dads out there who aren’t looking for the sappy daddy is the greatest IGs.

Since Draper is a real pros pro, she complimented her IG with some IG Story content that proved the patio Mega Beer Pong wasn’t just some piece of saved content reserved for a random weekend. This is fresh, hot content dumped out just for you guys on a Sunday Funday.

via IG Story
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