ECU Kylie Seems To Be Enjoying Life After Graduating

Remember how I always tell the Instagram models to use college to their advantage and make sure you promote where you go to school because it’s good for business? Yeah, well ECU Kylie graduated in May and left school with a very nice total of just under 80,000 IG followers, a very respectable number as she goes out into the real world to start her career as an influencer. That’s plenty of followers to get some fit tea deals and maybe, just maybe find her way into Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite team if she plays her cards right.

I try to remind the IG girls that hustling while the parents are paying the bills is going to turn into a cash cow down the road when you really start making the bank via IG. I’m talking the trips to Dubai. Tulum is hot right now. I’m starting to think some drug lord is running the Tulum Travel Board because of all the IGs vacationing down there.

So here’s ECU Kylie starting off her post-grad years by going straight to Vegas where you can load up on IG content. This is the exact kind of trip where you can rocket from 80k to 100k in a couple weeks. You stock up IG works of art and then unleash for a week straight. Then, after you run through that content, you hit up Miami. One easy two-day, no sleep trip to Miami and you might end up in some Instagram rap video that goes viral, next thing you know you’re hanging out with Ric Flair at some Atlanta sporting event and you’re sitting on 400k followers.

The world is ECU Kylie’s oyster right now.

Meet Maddy From Northern Arizona University
Meet Maddy From Northern Arizona University
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