Meet Darby Elyse From Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Team

It’s time to get back into a routine of posting members of Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite team and since Dan’s constantly changing out the models and I don’t want to get behind on the ladies who are marketing the CBD oil. Today we visit with Darby Elyse, who says in her Instagram bio that “pineapples are my fave.”

Checking in with a respectable 147,000 followers, Darby is your prototypical Instagram model who checks all the boxes. She has the L.A. IG Story folder. There’s a Vegas folder. Ignite. Behind the scenes and the obligatory travel folder. As for the photoshoots, Darby has definitely benefited from her Ignite allegiance. There’s the jet ski in the pool series. There are the normal hand bra shots. And there are the lazy days at Dan’s house and on location with the Ignite sorority in all sorts of exotic locales.

According to a Maxim post, Darby got her start as Miss Arizona Teen USA contestant and claims her “guiltiest pleasure is Little Caesars pizza and Fortnite all night long!”

Guys, time to slide into those DMs and go to work. You know Dan’s not settling down with Darby, so go ahead and shoot your shot.

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