Twitter Drug Use Experts: There’s No Way Lamar Odom Spent $100 Million On Drugs…Unless

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Lamar Odom is making the rounds this week and made time to sit down with Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight because neither of them had anything going on and it was a good chance to ask Lamar how much money he blew through on drugs. And then Lamar obliged with a headline-creating “$100 million” claim that raised Kev’s eyebrows.

Before I dig into what BC Twitter drug use experts say about that bold claim, I need to address Kevin Frazier’s career at ET and how he just might have the easiest job in show biz. This guy is like 55 years old, has spent 15 years at Entertainment Tonight and just has to launch prearranged softballs at famous people who then give Kevin an answer, he raises his eyebrows and ET has a feature story. Then once a year Kevin shows up at the Super Bowl to ask a question at the halftime show press conference and gets paid. It’s an incredible life.

Now back to what the drug experts think about the Lamar boast. The consensus: he’s lying. However, there’s also the segment who thinks it’s possible if Lamar was treating all of his crew with piles of blow.

Keep in mind how much Lamar made over his NBA career:

Now for the drug expert’s opinions:

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