LeBron’s Son Bronny Has A Message For The Ladies

via Twitter

So word on the street is that LeBron‘s son Bronny got an Instagram and it didn’t take long before one of his messages was saved and then pushed out across the typical channels. And the horror here for Bron Bron is that Bronny used a few words that are now going to turn into content for the hot take shows…“Should Bron take away Bronny’s Instagram account? We’ll debate tomorrow on First Take.” 

Look, I have no problem with Bronny sending a message to all the bittches out there. It’s content for days and I’m not his father. It’s now up to Bron to figure out how to parent through the social media era.

Now with 1.1 million followers I’m sure an apology from Bron’s media machine is coming to make this all better and then Bronny can get back to work creating content for his fans. Keep in mind Bronny is 14.


Draymond has a message for Bronny:

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