Meet Franceska Fournier — Ignite Model

I’ve started to hear from some of you who are wondering what happened to the Ignite Model series I was doing that was featuring those IG models who are promoting Dan Bilzerian’s weed brand. Dan slowed down with the Ignite content and I thought most of the A-listers had been posted. Then I came across Franceska Fournier…GAME CHANGER…STRAIGHT TO THE TOP 25…NATIONAL CHAMPION FAVORITE.

According to her Linkedin — yes, I was shocked that one of Dan’s Ignite models had an active Linkedin account — Franceska is French Canadian and it appears she studied psychology in college.

As for her roll at Ignite, she appears to be a new(er) higher because her Ignite content production has been pretty noticeable since March or so. One thing we haven’t seen is Franceska on one of Dan’s content trips where he and 12 models jump on his private jet for a couple days on pumping out new material to keep the Instagram train rolling.

Dare I say Franceska could be Ignite Rookie of the Year?


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