Kevin Durant & Chris Broussard Are Beefin’

Kevin Durant has fallen into the FS1 trap of feuding with one of FS1’s hot takers. Durant and Chris Broussard are going back and forth on Twitter today as Durant takes exception to Broussard inferring that he’s texting Broussard even though he doesn’t have KD’s number, which then led to Broussard, 50, countering that whether it’s a Twitter, IG or whatever it is, he’s texting back and forth with the guy.

I know, it’s all so ridiculous. This is exactly what the NBA has become because the Warriors won’t stop dominating the league and really the only drama left for the league is free agency. The actual season doesn’t matter. NBA nerds will argue till the cows come home that the regular season is some Holy Grail of sports, but they’re just as delusional as soccer nerds who want to wear headbands so they seem like some Euro soccer fan.

Anyway, back to these guys going back and forth with each other. This is great for FS1 and is exactly the type of storyline the channel needs to pick up eyeballs so get ready for Broussard to be carwashed the rest of the week. He’ll go on Cowherd, say more things. He’ll go on the morning show, say more. Then FS1 social will package it so fans eat it up.

And then Cowherd will try to pick another fight with Baker Mayfield and Skip will pick a fight with someone else. And on and on and on.

Which led to this from Broussard:

Never forget that raising FS1 ratings isn’t a bad thing for Kevin Durant. He is executive producer for a prison basketball documentary, “Q Ball” that debuts May 28 on the channel. Just sayin’.

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