Texas Little League Brawl Highlighted By Woman Drilling Guy With Aluminum Bat

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It’s Little League SZN and that means parents are going to get LIT AF and fight each other on the field down in Palmview, Texas, a short drive to McAllen and the Mexican border. From what the local media is reporting, this all went down on May 3, but the video of the woman drilling a guy on the kneecap with a baseball bat has started to gain some national steam and that has led the local CBS affiliate to start asking questions.

From CBS-4:

An arrest has been made following a police report filed after the large fight. But this isn’t the first time a baseball game at the Palmview Municipal Park got heated.

“This is the first time it’s gotten this escalated to such actions. But in the past, there has been arguments, but they’ve been settled there at the park,” said Sepulveda.

The lieutenant adds his officers responded within a few minutes and made an arrest, but can’t go into specifics.

“The investigation is still ongoing, therefore the details I’m about able to release are few, but they are checking every avenue.”

Of course we still don’t know whether Maria Pujols was arrested for drilling the guy in the kneecap. These local cops are keeping this one under tight wraps, don’t want to jeopardize the investigation.

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