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Ever wondered what happens to all those Vegas buffet leftovers?

From MyJournalCourier:

At a farm outside Las Vegas, a herd of pigs feasts on lobster, sausage links and beef. In town, people at a community center sit for a dinner that may include sliders and truffle mac and cheese.

The two meals have something in common: Both came from the kitchens of Sin City’s opulent casinos, where the axiom of excess increasingly is being reconsidered and waste reduction has taken hold.

Food scraps are turned into compost or taken to a farm to feed thousands of pigs. Expired — but still edible — minibar snacks are donated to community organizations. Banquet meals that never were served go to a food bank. Oyster shells are even shipped thousands of miles to Chesapeake Bay.

That’s why Vegas has some of the best bacon you’ll ever eat. Look at what those piggies are eating on a daily basis!

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