Meet Ella Bonafede – Daniel Jones Girlfriend

Of ‘Who is Daniel Jones girlfriend?’ is one of the questions heading into the NFL Draft because you guys love to know who will become the next First Lady of your city, especially if you’re in New York/New Jersey where you’ve become comfortable with Eli and Abby Manning living a very quiet life in that role. You’ll be happy to know that Daniel Jones’ girlfriend is Ella Bonafede, a Long Island native.

You’re starting to like this Daniel Jones to the Giants a little more, aren’t you Giants fan? He has the Eli hair, the big arm that scouts drool over (so I’ve heard, like I have any idea what’s going on) and Daniel’s girlfriend finished up her senior season of lacrosse at Duke so there’s serious stability for Jones. Did I mention that Ella has no trouble making the ACC Academic Honor Roll?

THINK ABOUT HOW THIS ALL LINES UP, GIANTS FAN. The chatter is starting & I’m fairly certain these experts aren’t even figuring in the Ella effect — Long Island street smart LAX vet who knows her way around the NY metro region. She grew up 52 miles from Manhattan.

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