The Last Chance U Hot Tub Is For Sale

via Jason Brown

Last Chance U head coach Jason Brown resigned as Independence Community College head coach after a 3 1/2 year run and a 16-15 record at a school that went 14-82 the ten previous seasons before he came to town. With change comes opportunity and that opportunity comes in the form of one of you becoming the new owner of Coach Brown’s hot tub.

The hot tub made an appearance in the Season 3 trailer where Brown announces “woooo….you guys are missin out,” as he lights up a cigar. It was a spot where Brown held court for the Last Chance U cameras, becoming an instant collectors item. I have a DM in with the coach, just waiting on a response for the price he’s asking on that bad boy.

Brown resigned in February shortly after it was revealed that he had sent a Hitler text to a German player on his team.

“410pm on field u German f—k,” Brown wrote, according to screenshots of the messages. “u have 17 points toward your 25 points … u got an extra point for not hanging the lion poster as instructed I’m your new Hitler figure out your life.”

Since Jason is from Compton, he had no reason to take the hot tub with him back to California. Appears to just need cleaned up a little bit.

And then the resignation letter:

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