Paulina Gretzky Looks Ready To go For The Masters

Here I was thinking that Paulina Gretzky had been way too quiet during Masters week and then, Wednesday night, she finally responds on social by dumping out a robotic filtered IG Story pic fully announcing that she’s in town and pretty much saying that she’s ready to see baby daddy Dustin Johnson win this green jacket.

The GOAT has been pretty quiet since the Maldives trip back in January with Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims. She’s since cut off her hair and seems to be fully rebounded from a tumultuous 2018 highlighted by major drama between her and Dustin over a side piece. Then there was the Ryder Cup situation that turned into a tabloid fiasco. DJ is still No. 2 in the world and now Paulina is 30 with two kids (one we never see) and who knows what the next couple years are going to bring out of her. Does she just keep doing the traveling mom thing with DJ? Something tells me there’s going to be more major drama down the road. Still say there needs to be a major Paulina modeling comeback. Just makes sense now that the kids thing is probably done.

But for the time being it’s Masters week and time to see if baby daddy can put on that jacket. I’m telling you, the golf world could use some Paulina on that 18th hole. Let’s hope for a Rory/DJ duel on Sunday and it all comes down to a baby daddy putt on the 18th.

via Paulina Gretzky/IG Story


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