OJ Simpson Looking Like A Sloppy Murderer Bellied Up To The Bar At Baseball Game

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It’s not some super huge secret that O.J. Simpson has been going about life in Las Vegas since being released from the state penitentiary and will be spotted outside a Walgreens here and there. He’ll do the selfie thing and it’s no big deal that The Juice is out living as a free man. The Internet has moved on. I’ll dabble with O.J. here and there, but it has to be special like him showing up for the opening of the new Las Vegas Triple-A ballpark.

It helps when OJ is bellied up to the bar all sloppy — sweating profusely or is it just my eyesight? — and rambling around a bunch of white people. That’s going to get posted. I’d love to hear what he was rambling on about. I just wonder if he’s the type of guy who has that one go-to story and brings up Nicole in random conversations. OJ doesn’t strike me as a guy who has pleasant stories to share with normal people. What’s he bring up, his golf slice?

Have you ever had a conversation with OJ Simpson at a baseball game? A casino? A random Vegas bar? I’d love to hear what this guy has to say. Let me know.

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Looks like the same shirt:


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