Masters Sunday Birdies = Free Beers

via Natty

Natural Light announced today that its 2019 Masters promotion will be a “Free Natty For A Year” birdie-fest during Sunday’s round at Augusta where the iconic beer brand will reward contestants with the chance to win that free beer when golfers sink birdies. That’s right, each and every birdie Sunday whether a guy is 20-over or 20-under will result in some legal aged drinker out there jumping on the Natty train for a full year.

Of course you have questions and so did I. Let me answer some of them for you:

• There were 234 birdies on Sunday at the Masters in 2018

• Winners will receive 24 beers a month for the 12 months; I’ll do the math for you — 288 beers, if you win

• How do you enter? Let’s go straight to the source for the details

• Remember, you idiots, tweet #BirdieLight #Sweepstakes on SUNDAY. Again, ON SUNDAY

• What’s this whole promotion about? It’s the continuation of the feud with Miller Lite. Did you know Nattys are only 95 calories? I didn’t

• This isn’t a paid sponsored ad — I like Natty, especially Naturdays. I’ll be buying a few cases for the pool this summer; That said, hopefully Natty will send a big box of gear to get out to you guys this summer

What about Sunday’s weather? Thunderstorms? I’m not a golf expert, what does it all mean?

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