Rachel Bush Puts On An Instagram Twerk Clinic

Just this morning I fired up Instagram to see what the IG models were up to this weekend and it didn’t seem like anything important went down, but I did notice on Rachel Bush’s IG Story that she seemed to have a little pep in her step. Her and Jordan Bush were doing their thing at the pool getting some rays and collecting content for the Story. It was a little more ramped up than normal, but it didn’t rise to the level that I was going to fire up WordPress to document it.

And then I go to Panera to get broccoli cheddar and I fire up IG and there it is at the top of the page…Rachel putting on a clinic for the Instagram losers out there who claim that Mrs. Rachel Poyer has lost a step and isn’t the Greatest Of All Time. A Monday lunch nooner twerk video to end all Monday nooner twerk videos. Here I thought it would just be a quiet Monday and I would go for a lunch drive and see the sun even though it’s like 20-below because the wind is blowing off Lake Erie and it’s cold AF this time of year.

Of course I knew lunch would have to be cut short because this needed to immediately be documented here on BC. So watch it & learn something, IG pretenders. This is the GOAT showing you right out of the gates on a Monday how the week is going to go. Rachel is still going to hold the championship belt and you’re still going to be a 5…6 max.