10 Famous Gamers You Didn’t Know Are Canadian

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Canada is home to an active and growing population of gamers. These include internationally accredited gaming sensations in the mix. The top 10 listing of Canadian gamers begins now.



MrWoofless is an active gamer and a rising star in the Canadian gaming scene. His YouTube channel features 1,772,426 subscribers with a total of 428,409,374 views of his channel. In gaming count, that’s stellar status. This Canadian gamer joined the YouTube scene back on February 1, 2011 and quickly asserted himself as a pro gamer with Minecraft. His interactive video gaming sessions provide fabulous insights into the gaming realm and he’s got a horde of followers hanging on to his every word.

Typical Gamer


There’s nothing typical about Typical Gamer. This YouTube sensation is a Canadian gaming prodigy and he does everything with lots of pomp and flair. His gaming style is a little different to the mainstream. Typical Gamer joined YouTube on August 24, 2008 and has amassed an incredible 2,023,669,486 views. That’s a HUGE number and a testament to the explosive interest in his livestreams and featured gaming videos. Among others, he provides expert insights into Minecraft, Fortnite and GTA 5. Typical Gamer’s channels include Swiftor, Samara Redway, Nicovald, JoblessGarrett, and Jelly.

Monica Reeves

Born in Oakville, Ontario, Monica Reeves grew up in a family of card players. Her skills were most developed in blackjack and poker. Smart as a whip, Monica quickly learned the art of basic and advanced blackjack game. As an advantage player she rose through the ranks as a talented blackjack professional. She secured a berth in the UBT Tournament of Champions, later claiming a solid 2nd place finish in the Ladies’ Night contest. After the demise of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, Reeves focused on her family and her career outside of card games.



Stephanie Harvey, aka Missharvey is a Montreal-based gamer who was ranked in the top 100 best paid Canadian players. She’s had an impressive run-of-form over the years with 5 worldwide Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive contest wins under her belt. She’s managed to rack up an impressive $21,305 over her career from well over a dozen tournaments. She’s an active game designer and had a part to play in crafting Far Cry Primal for a leading Montreal online gaming company.



Sasha Hostyn, aka Scarlett got her nickname from her red hair. She’s the ranking Canadian transgender female gamer and with an extraordinary tally of over $300,000 in gaming earnings, it’s easy to see why. She’s participated in well over 170 tournaments to date and has become a leading lady in games like StarCraft II. She began playing back in 2011 and now ranks among the top 300 highest-earning players.

Sorel Mizzi


Sorel Mizzi is an avid online player and a land-based gaming aficionado. Unlike other talented players in this listing, Mizzi is highly regarded for his card playing skills – notably poker. He goes by the moniker ‘Imper1um’ and ‘Zangbezan24’ and his total live earnings exceed $12,630,873 and counting. He ranks at position #5 on the Canada All Time Money List and his Global Poker Index Ranking is #191.

Mizzi is known as a shrewd poker operator in the game where Jacks, Queens Kings and Aces reign supreme. His last major poker cash was valued at C$410,000 in an NLH event (Main Event #42) back in October 2018. Clearly, Mizzi’s penchant for card counting and his larger-than-life persona places him in good company in Canada’s listing of famous card players. With Sorel Mizzi, it’s all about the shuffle and the deal. He’s a card player and he’s in the money.

Carl-Edwin Michel

Carl-Edwin Michel is a big shot in Canadian gaming circles. He’s a player and he’s also the founder of Northern Arena. He’s devoted to setting up a system where players get paid for their craft. According to Michel, most Canadian players are from the province of Montreal, but a chunk of players hail from British Columbia and Ontario. e-Sports is huge in Canada and the online reach makes it one of the most highly-anticipated forms of competitive gaming.

Evan Fong


Evan Fong, aka VanossGaming, is one of the most respected gaming authorities. This Toronto-born player is a big hit on YouTube where his channel has amassed 24,278,269 subscribers. He’s big into animation, interactive gaming sessions and wild commentary. To date, his YouTube channel has amassed 10,597,324,358 views. His animation is a mix of anime, Garbage Pail Kids and The Simpsons. VanossGaming has his own merchandising store with official gaming gear (attire).



He’s young. Really young, at just 10+ years old, but already RonaldOMG is a YouTube star. He’s a wunderkind on the Roblox gaming platform and he’s adept at playing Minecraft too. On YouTube, he’s racked up over 2.2 million followers in his fan club and his star power has ensured 774,021,851 views to date. His games of choice are Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite.

Karina Kurzawa


Karina Kurzawa is another rising superstar in the Canadian gaming scene. Born on March 23, 2007 this YouTube Star goes by the moniker Karina Calor, GamerGirl or KarinaOMG. And yes, she’s the sister of the now legendary RonaldOMG in our listing. She’s currently spearheading the fan count, with 3 million subscribers on YouTube as KarinaOMG and she’s a big fan of Roblox and each of her videos garners millions of views. Impressive when you consider she’s just a tween and already a viral sensation in Canada.



Matt is a big star on social media. He created Clay Animation by MattShea369 & SilverJigProductions back in 2008. Since then his gaming pursuits have led him on epic adventures through the gaming universe. He’s got an estimated 2 million subscribers on YouTube and his channel has racked up an impressive 713,202,361 views. He’s known to post bizarre vids at times, like asking subscribers to unsubscribe so that he can hit 2 million subscribers over and over again. It’s all fun and games for MattShea!



Minecraft fans probably already know about PaintingRainbows. This Canadian gaming aficionado is also known as Betty. She’s a leading voice actor in Minecraft and also a prodigy in the gameplaying world. She’s been up and active on YouTube since 2013 and already has over 542,000 subscribers. Like the tweens in this listing she’s also a big fan of Roblox and she certainly brings plenty of personality to her gaming milieu for fans.

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