Florida Woman Offers Her ‘Services’ After Striking Guy’s Vehicle

via Sumter County Sheriff

Carrie Head, a 33-year-old Florida Woman, is in some trouble after what happened during a recent incident where she allegedly went all hit and run while only wearing a bikini and then offering her “services” when the guy wanted to see her insurance papers. Of course this is a Florida Woman story, so she took off once the guy wasn’t down with her “services.”

From Villages-News:

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies responded at 11 p.m. to Southern Trace Plaza, where a man said that his vehicle had been struck by a Honda van. He provided a possible license plate number. He said the woman driving the van appeared to be intoxicated and was wearing only a bikini.

The man said he and the woman had pulled into a parking lot at Circle K to exchange information. She told him that she didn’t have insurance and offered to provide him “services” as payment for the damage to his vehicle, according to an arrest report. That’s when he called law enforcement and she drove away.

Carrie has been on a heater lately. If you go back to December, she was arrested for getting into a hair-pulling match with her sister. She was allegedly hammered that night too. I think you and I both know this is just the start of a long Florida Woman career. Mix a little booze, a Honda van, some hair pulling and Carrie is well on her way to big things.

Here’s Carrie’s December mugshot:

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