Rachel Cook Is Crushing IG, Arthur Blank Buys $180M Yacht & ECHLers Brawl By Locker Room


Big news…day baseball from Spring Training on MLB Network…and Kansas State-Kansas at 9 on ESPN…and Oklahoma at Iowa State and a bunch of other marginal basketball games from there. You’ll also get a Kings-Lightning game on NBCSN to care about while trying to figure out your St. Patrick’s Day plans in group chat because you like to be prepared a couple weeks out because your mother-in-law is going to watch the kids and you don’t want your sister-in-law to beat you to the punch. Be smart out there.

Rachel Cook is crushing the IG game right now

Arthur Blank buys this boat for $180M

Dog catches 83-yd pass at AAF game

ECHL players brawl outside the locker room

Drunk guy takes a spill at soccer match

Florida Man cop lets couple make out in patrol car

Absolutely crazy police report about TV reporter dying during wild gay sex night that included meth being inserted anally

Here’s Hailey from the Tennessee golf team

Classic Funk & Austin Video of the Week


Burger of the Day

Victoria Justice Gets Wild With The Girlfriends, Tom Brady Cheating & IU AD Is Mad At Students For Chant
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