Meet Manuela Alvarez Hernandez – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

Colombian swimsuit model Manuela Alvarez Hernandez got the call today that she has made the top six of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue search and will appear in the magazine that somehow is still in print after all these years. This is huge news for Hernandez, a five-tooler, who checks in with 59,000 Instagram followers. This is like the greatest marketing news she’s ever received. Her name is going to be splashed across social and a year from now she’ll be landing big time gigs thanks to one SI issue.

From Manuela’s IG:

it’s official- I made top 6 of the @si_swimsuit #siswimsearch and I’M GOING TO BE IN THIS YEARS ISSUE!!! Thank you infinitely to @mj_day and the entire @si_swimsuit team for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to represent Latinos in this journey Colombia sale en las páginas de la revista Sports Illustrated Swimsuit en Mayo!!

Uh, the magazine should be filled with Latinos. I really hope Ms. Hernandez isn’t the lone Latino representative. According to Manuela’s Linkedin account, she got a degree from Florida International University in marketing so this opportunity is right up her alley. Play your cards right here and you might end up with some sort of hosting gig at the Super Bowl next year when it’s in Miami.

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