Camille Kostek Confirms She & Gronk Are Having Sex

Tired of the same old stories this week during the Super Bowl buildup? Well Camille Kostek, Gronk‘s girlfriend, just gave radio talk show guys some news via a clip of her guy shaking it at Super Bowl Opening Night. “Not pregnant, but we keep practicing,” the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model said in response to a tweet, confirming that these two ARE NOT saving themselves for marriage.

Can you imagine Gronk in some sort of Tebow situation with a bride waiting to consummate on the wedding night. Impossible! Remember when Gronk and Camille did some workout at an indoor pool during their 2018 Spring Break trip? These two are dripping puddles of sexxx. Of course they’re banging like jackrabbits hopped up on Red Bull vodkees.

And while we’re at it, you have to think things are about to get real interesting for these two once Gronk retires after the Super Bowl. He turns 30 in May. Camille is about to cross over into her late 20s. It’s all lining up here — like five little Gronks over the next seven years. Banging upon banging. Battle Dome in the basement like when Rob was a little kid. The big question becomes where does Rob set up shop for the bang seshes. Do the Gronks become Floridians or do they stay in the Boston area? I have like 69 questions for these two about how things are going to look after this Super Bowl week is over.

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