What’s new for NFL in 2019?

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With the coming of the New Year 2019, the regular NFL season for last year is over. Now, you might have your new betting NFL strategy that you cannot wait to implement. With just a few more matches to look forward to, we are sure you are as excited as we are when it comes to seeing your favorite teams win.

The NFL Playoffs: What to Expect?

With the clash for the playoffs beginning already, the NFL standings for the previous year has already been decided and put up in clear black and white terms.

The Arizona Cardinals managed to get the numero uno spot for this year’s draft where excellent and talented players like Ed Oliver, Nick Bosa and many more are present and waiting to sign a contract. The Cardinals are definitely looking to sign on at least one of the many talented players that are waiting in the draft this April.

A Look at the Top Contenders

Apart from the Cardinals, the Jets, the Raiders and the 49ers are also looking to sign and add on more players to their team roster to increase their strength both in numbers and in quality. Apart from these four teams who are looking to sign on a bunch, come the clubs that are looking to add an excellent quarterback to their side.

The Jacksonville Jaguars team is looking for a replacement for their current quarterback Blake Bortles after their abysmal show at the tournament this year. On the other hand, the Giants are probably also looking for a replacement for their aging quarterback Eli Manning.

As for how the draft order is finalized? Here’s a quick recap of that to the fans who are a little confused. The rule of how drafting a new player is to happen is decided by the final points at the end of the regular tournament. In case of a tie, the strength of their schedule, followed by the success of the team post-NFL season or their victory in regular NFL games determine at what point they can be inducted into the drafting process.

In case, even at this point, there is a tie, the teams have a conference tiebreaker. In fact, this also does not work out, there is a process of coin flipping. Whew! Quite a tedious process, this one!

It is because of these rather exhausting processes that the Bills team get to take their pick of the players ahead of the Broncos. They had a more significant amount of strength when it came to the final victory tiebreaker.

As per the draft order that has been released so far, it looks like the Cardinals will get to pick their players first, followed by the 49ers and the jets. The Raiders and the Buccaneers also feature in the top five. However, the list will be continuously updated once the teams who are playing the playoffs start getting eliminated. The 29th and 30th positions are still, as of now, undecided.

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