Meet Australian Casey Costelloe

I’m all about Australia right now…obviously because it’s summer over there and I was just at the national championship with Dos Equis reps from Australia & they were telling me all about the country and how they celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer. Thomas, one of the Australian reps, was at his first football game – ever – Monday for Clemson-Alabama and it was fascinating to watch a game with someone who knows less about football than Mrs. BC. Thomas was fascinated by things like four downs to get 10 yards, how punting works, the mascots, the kickoffs, pretty much everything. He was even telling me how Australians don’t tailgate before Aussie Rules matches.

The guy was completely fascinated by the entire event and how college kids are these massive stars. Of course I made sure to tell him that he needs to get to a real college football environment like The Grove at Ole Miss and see that environment. He’s going to be in heaven. Eyes wide open.

Anyway, enough of Thomas. Let’s get to Australian Casey Costelloe, an up-and-coming IGer who is absolutely crushing the Australian summer right now while American IGers are busy pumping out 10-month-old content they’ve been stockpiling for winter. That’s why I’m all-in on Australia right now. Makes total sense to head Down Under for an Endless Summer instead of all this fake IG content from the U.S. IG pros.

Casey is based in Sydney and seems to be a fairly basic Australian IGer who could land in Atlanta for the Super Bowl and end up with one of these new NFL coaches or tight ends in a matter of hours. Going back through some old IGs, it appears that Casey has spent some time in the Bilzerian crowd.

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