Meet Australian Isabelle Mathers

Would I be shocked if down the road Australian Isabelle Mathers is dating some marginally famous MLB position player making $20 million a year? Not at all. Think about the world we live in right now with these baseball guys working on guaranteed massive contracts. You have middle relievers able to give Instagram superstars the life they’ve always dreamed about. Kate Upton knew this at an early age and got her hands on Justin Verlander at the perfect time. Now she’s in full mom mode at 26 and will make a big comeback at like 28 1/2 by returning to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue which will be all digital at that point in time.
Anyway, Isabelle Mathers is by far one of the biggest up and coming modeling IG names out of Australia right now. She was supposedly dating some USC swimmer in 2017 – whatever. You can’t tell me a Dodgers middle reliever can’t steal her heart. Guaranteed. And you also need to know that Isabelle has an older sister named Olivia and yes, she’s a model too. Imagine that.
Anyway, 2019 is going to be a huge year for Isabelle. Bet the house…cold blooded blood bank lock of the year.
via isabellemathersx/IG Story

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