Meet Ally From Virginia Tech

I know, I know, I know…I’ve been slacking with the IGer posts over the last month or so, but that’s about to change because I’ve already started my New Year’s resolution and it’s to make sure I post a new IGer on a daily basis. Going to try for 365 days of IGers. That’s the resolution. I know, it shouldn’t be too hard to make it happen. Screw all those, ‘I’m going to lose 20 pounds in [insert year here]’ resolutions. F-that.
I’m all about making my resolutions all about you guys and your needs. Me losing 20 pounds doesn’t do you any good. But me posting 365 IGers in 2019 has a nice ring to it. Let’s get this started with Ally from Virginia Tech, a proud member of AΦ and a coed who is tearing up St. Croix, USVI as we speak.
Ally isn’t going to beat around the bush with her IGs. When she tears it up, she tears it up. Go look through the IG Stories that are saved. She’s going to be a Spring Break MVP candidate that’s for sure. So start following along, get acquainted because here in like seven weeks I assume Ally and her girlfriends will be destroying a tropical island.

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