Wedding Photographer Katie Mehta Arrested For Getting Lit At Wedding, Having Sex, Urinating On Tree

Wedding photographer Max McIntyre, who is also a Maxim model, was arrested after having sex with a wedding guest and urinating on a tree at the event outside Fort Worth. McIntyre’s team — her sister — is claiming a drink was spiked and led to Max (also known asĀ Katie Mehta) doing some inappropriate things. Mehta wasn’t done with just the wedding behavior. She said some fairly bad things to the cops who came to arrest her.
Let’s go to the details from WFAA:

It happened Saturday at Parker Manor, a wedding venue operated by The Springs Events located near Weatherford. Photographer Katie Mehta, 26, was documenting a wedding, but according to the Parker County Sheriff, the bride and groom got more than they bargained for.
An arrest report spells out the details. An off-duty sheriff’s deputy was working security at the wedding. According to the report, “he was advised by the wedding party that a female subject [Mehta] had been found having sexual intercourse with a male there.”

The report says Mehta was told her behavior was inappropriate, and she left a building and began to yell outside near a water fountain. Officers advised her to leave the property, but she then “went to a tree nearby and began to urinate,” the document says.
According to the report, deputies noticed “a strong odor of alcohol” on Mehta and eventually found a bottle of prescription alprazolam in her jacket, which they believe Mehta was mixing.

She also reportedly told policeĀ “Y’alls daughters are dead,” and “Y’all families will be dead by Christmas.” That’s a nice touch.

Katie just keeps rolling along on Instagram like nothing happened. Smart move. She’s going to add a ton of followers.

Here are how people are reacting to Katie’s arrest on her Instagram page:

Katie Mehta also has several videos over on YouTube where she goes by the Max McIntyre name:

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