Le'Veon Bell On Instagram: 'Just Imagine' Him To The Colts

via Instagram
Le’Veon Bell fired up the Instagram machine today and left yet another cryptic message, this time on a post showing what kind of season Andrew Luck is having with the Colts. “Just imagine,” Bell wrote on the IG, obviously sending Colts fans into a frenzy as to where the soon-to-be free agent running back will play in 2019.
It’s now clear the Bell won’t be back with the Steelers and this is going to be a campaign where he plays everyone for the biggest contract he can possibly get out of these NFL owners that are watching teams like the Saints, Rams and Chiefs trot out high-powered offenses that feature running backs catching passes all over the field and putting up huge numbers.
Did you know that as we sit here on November 27, Christian McCaffrey has 71 catches for 608 yards? Or that Saquon Barkley has 71 catches? Bell had 85 total catches in 2017. Now comes the question of how bad these teams want a running back who’ll turn 27 in 2019. We all know the breakdown age is about 29. Bell’s about finished, but wants somewhere in the range of a 5-year, $85M contract.
Time to leverage as much as you possibly can. The one thing I’d be nervous about is this year off that Bell just went through. Remember the yacht party? He was looking bloated.

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