20 NSFW BDs React To Draymond Green-Kevin Durant Feud

via Twitter
It’s the feud that is a dream come true for the 600 live talk shows on sports channels during the day that need a feud to riff off of for hours upon hours. Thanks to Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, we have that content gold mine for the hot take shows. I’m not even sure when the Green-Durant feud erupted during a game against the Clippers, but it’s now the only thing I’m seeing on shows. That and Le’Veon Bell staying home.
Instead of listening to the hot takers trying to break it all down for me, I went straight to my most trusted source on this stuff. I went to the NSFWBDs to see what went down and how this should go going forward. Some think Green needs to be shipped out to settle down the drama that’s causing people to lose their minds in mid-November. There are others that think Durant needs to go now before he goes during free agency. I think that’s a ridiculous theory.

Look, these two will get over Petty SZN once Christmas comes around and games actually start to matter. One thing will lead to another and the Warriors will actually care about the regular season in late March. I’ve told you guys time and time again that this time of the NBA season is so worthless but you keep getting sucked in. This is all just a distraction to make some of you think there’s a battle wound to this team.
The BDs know this is all just a bump in the road to the eventual title. Durant and Dray Dray will get real petty during the offseason when Durant walks away with his rings.






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