Chad Kelly Walks Into Court With His Smokin' Hot Girlfriend

The big news this morning is that Chad Kelly had a court date and brought his smoking hot girlfriend along with him for the big event. Who is Swag Kelly’s girlfriend? No clue, he hasn’t introduced her to the world via Instagram – yet. Chad had to put down a $2,500 bond and was told he’ll need to be back in court on November 8 to answer to what happened Monday night after he walked out of a Broncos Halloween party.
From TMZ:

According to court records, Kelly sat down on a couch next to the home owner … as she held her baby. The woman said Kelly was “mumbling incoherently.”
Cops say a male inside the house hit Kelly in the upper back with a 2-3 foot stick shaped piece from a vacuum … and was able to chase him outside.
Officers searched the area and were able to locate Kelly inside of a black SUV.
24-year-old Kelly — a former star at Ole Miss — was arrested and charged with 1st-degree criminal trespass, as first reported by Ian Rapoport.

From the look of things, that Halloween party was LIT AF, but you wouldn’t expect it to be so LIT AF that Swag Kelly ended up entering some random house and sitting down on a couch next to a woman holding a baby. That seems a little too LIT AF. No idea what it all means, but now we have a hot girlfriend angle so this is definitely going to be the story of the week around here.


Cops: Florida Man Murdered His Girlfriend & Her Son Because He Wanted To Watch Football Game
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