Stefanie Knight Gets The Week Rolling, Washington State's 'Big Gulp' Formation & Rae Carruth Gets Out Of Jail

Mmmmm, ready for some Giants at Falcons Monday night action? Biggest story of the night mind end up whether Booger is blocking views again. You’ll also get some NBA — I dropped down a cable package with ATT, I’m out on NBA TV — and some NHL. That should keep the lonely among us occupied for a couple hours. Have fun.
Stefanie Knight gets your week rolling along
Rae Carruth gets out of prison
The incredible ‘Big Gulp’ formation Washington State used
Mike Leach’s reveals guy behind WSU’s ‘Big Gulp’ formations
Only 1 Bengals highlight from SNF
This Florida Woman chewed up & swallowed a crack pipe
CNN’s Jim Acosta slides into a guy’s DMs
Here’s Abby from ASU

Michigan Men Being Michigan Men Video of the 21st Century

Cheeseburger of the Day

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