Matt Leinart's 11-Year-Old Son Gets Offer From Lane Kiffin & FAU

It’s official, according to ESPN. Lane Kiffin has officially offered Matt Leinart’s 11-year-old son, Cole, a scholarship to FAU once he completes his junior high and then high school days in California. Of course Lane has had a relationship with Matt Leinart from their days at USC. I assume they follow each other on IG and Lane saw that Cole is skyrocketing in height and is coming off a solid Little League season. The assumption has to be that he’ll have a rocket arm like his dad.
Did I mention that Cole’s mom, Brynn Cameron, was a basketball player at USC? Her brother is Jordan Cameron, former NFL tight end. The guy was a genetic freak.
Add it all up and do you still think it’s wrong of Lane Kiffin to jump on the Cole Leinart bandwagon this early?  I don’t. In fact, Lane has to do whatever it takes to make an early impression because Nick Saban will be calling pretty soon. Nick will be in his early 70s when Cole Leinart is slingin it, definitely not too old to still be coaching Bama. Let’s not forget that this summer Bama offered this kid just after he graduated from 8th grade.
Now, there’s very little film on Cole at this point. Matt does have one video of his boy playing flag football, but that’s all I can find. This is purely a futures bet from Lane Kiffin based on genetics and it’s rather smart. The kid’s going to turn into a beast and Lane will be out in front on this one.

And Cole is already getting recognized for his kindness:

This guy will forever be a genius:

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