Meet Allison Renn – Jags Cheerleader & Instagram Angler

I announced on Monday that I was ending the Instagram Fisherman series after complainers wondered why & when the series would end. You know, typical Internet complaining. Turns out as soon as I mentioned there were complainers, I started getting submissions and the BC loyalists stepped forward to offer up multi-talented IGers such as Allison Renn who is not only a Jags cheerleader, but she’s also an Instagram Angler.
Hope you guys aren’t disappointed in such a talented IG Woman. Would hate for you guys to think she’s not nearly basic enough for your tastes. Anyway, Allison is sponsored by┬áPelagic Gear, says she’s a mermaid and a goofball. Allison also hunts. I know, this is like a dream scenario for the legitimate guys around here who know a talented woman when you see one.
The only real problem I can see here are the annoying boyfriend photos. Gotta dump those or create another account for that action. These guys on IG want it to seem like you have terrible trouble with guys and need them to save you in life. You’ll go from 27,500 followers to 100k if they think there’s a chance.

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The USC Song Girls Released A Hype Video
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