Meet Starr Skyler from UCF

The complaints rolled in early this morning…“Why are you doing Instagram Fisherman? What’s up with all the Instagram fishermen? What’s wrong with you? Plan on doing any other IG models doing other jobs?” I try to do something different and show great weather, boats, fish, fishermen, sand, exotic locales and people get mad at me. I just don’t understand it.
“Hey, you should be like all the other sites out there.”
Whatever you guys want, I guess. So here we go back into the college scene for the IG models who take like 300 photos, sit on those photos until it’s time to publish one to the account to make it look like they’re living these great lives so women out there get jealous and want that lifestyle. One thing leads to another and the IG model has like 50k followers, some powder drink company offers up some money and suddenly the IG model is an influencer. Blah, blah, blah. Same thing, another day.
Thank god today’s IGer, Starr Skyler, is a UCF fan and is a sorority girl (Kappa Delta). Maybe one thing will lead to another and she’ll start dating Blake Bortles or something.

Meet Nina Rose Marcaccio- Instagram Fisherman
Meet Nina Rose Marcaccio- Instagram Fisherman
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