Buy Richie Incognito's Arizona House That Has A Very Nice Man Cave

I’ve been waiting for this one to hit the market — Richie Incognito announced on IG a few weeks ago that he was selling his Arizona house and to contact his realtor to buy it. The house has finally been photographed, staged real nice and looks ready to sell at $1,295,000. What do you get at that price? You get spaces that you’ll actually use, including a nice man cave that is practical.
The house itself is 4,000 sq. ft. and includes three bedrooms, four bathrooms. Again, the perfect amount for the life you’re going to live in this one. You don’t want to air condition a bunch of wasted space bedrooms because this is going to be your new house after leaving the midwest and the winters behind. Scottsdale will be your new home and you’ll want to have space to entertain all the other midwesterners who already live out here that you knew from the Kiwanis Club back home.
The guys will appreciate the man cave Richie has created. It’s all private and has the wine fridge. The beer fridge. The sink to rinse out the mugs. Has it all for those weekends where you and the Kiwanis guys just want to get sloppy drunk and avoid the wives.
While you’re watching the games, the wives can be in the great room bitching about how all you do in Arizona is go to the bars, chase skirts and golf. The good news for the ladies in this beautiful great room is that they’ll be able to stare at your NFL helmet collection once Richie includes it with your offer.
Mortgage: About $6,200 a month with 20% down. If you’re looking at a home like this, you probably have the 20% to drop on that new loan you’re about to take out. 
[Richie Incognito’s House – Redfin]

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