Meet Lily Van Dyke From Australia…Might Be Time To Import Her To The States

There are some oddities on Instagram and the latest one I’ve noticed is that Australian Lily Van Dyke checks in with only 9,000 followers on 222 photo uploads. Very weird. You could start a hamsters drinking beers account and have 9,900 followers in like three weeks without trying. I guess this is a case where Van Dyke just hasn’t been discovered by the U.S. sites that track IG models.

We’re probably looking at a case where one thing will lead to another and Van Dyke will be dating some rugby guy and on the front page of the Aussie tabloids in a couple weeks. Or…she’ll be sent over to the States to party at some Miami club and never leave. She’ll meet some NFL guy and be set for life.

What do we know about Van Dyke? Very little. She dabbles in travel to Bali and is from Perth. That’s about it.

Prediction: Van Dyke is over 10k by the end of the weekend.

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