Browns Fan Got A Baker Special Tattoo

Browns fan Mark Gurko has gone and dedicated skin on his body to the Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield via a Baker Special two-point conversion during Thursday’s win over the Jets. This is what happens to Browns fans when they don’t win very often. You have to celebrate HARD AF because you don’t know when the next one is coming. The good news here for Mark is that he’s probably going to get a couple more wins because Baker is competent and his arm was definitely legit against the Jets secondary.
Mark wrote on Twitter:

After 635 days without a win, something amazing happened last night! To capture the magic of a long over due and much needed win, I did what any rational person would do. Took the day off and got a tattoo. Baker Special!!!

Mark seems to have a great sense of humor and will get years of enjoyment out of this ink. Most of you think it’s ridiculous, but you’ve never been amongst Browns fans. They are a breed unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Do yourself a favor and go to a Browns tailgate lot and just walk around. It’s like the Jim Rose Circus.

Baker Mayfield fever!

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