Meet Cami Mantilla – Instagram Fisherman

By now you guys are getting sick of the Instagram Golf Models so let’s move over to Instagram Fisherman Models and get to know Cami Mantilla, who rarely appears on IG without a fish on or not in a bikini. She’s definitely staying in her lane with an IG account that seems poised to blow up well beyond her current 61k follower count.
Call me crazy but Cami is about to be the face of IG fishing once the big dogs like Bass Pro Shop have her touring the country giving instructional speeches in the boat department. I’ve seen it a thousand times on IG. One minute someone is hammering away at their field — like fishing — the next minute a brand turns them into spokespeople and tries to change their IG.
Let’s hope Cami doesn’t fall for the national brands and their trap. Gotta stay in your lane here. And before you go looking, yes Cami has a YouTube page. Screw Roland Martin. Throw Cami on NBCSN after the Dan Patrick Show. I’ll never change the channel.

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